Thursday, February 26, 2009

God concepts - Part 6

The scientific concept

Although science doesn’t entertain any spiritual notions (Why?) there are a lot of people that adhere to that concept, so it would be only fair to take a look at their point of view as well.
Science doesn’t accept “intent” and “purpose” as valid premises for the existence of the universe and therefore it defines existence as “blind”
The universe is nothing but a big “machinery” with nothing spiritual in it.

It all starts with a colossal explosion from a singular point in space – The Big Bang Theory.
This explosion, expulses enormous quantity of hot matter into the space, thus the universe existence and expansion begins.
As time progresses the hot matter cools down and “assembles” itself into atomic elements, that after further cooling start gathering in huge clouds.
The huge clouds further cool and slow down sufficiently to “assemble” into stars and planets, thus forming the solar systems and the galaxies.

As the young planets are going through the tumultuous process of stabilization, with lots of volcanic activity and violent storms and earthquakes, some unexpected accidents occur. On this particular planet called Earth atomic matter “assembles” itself into complex molecules and the complex molecules again by accident “assemble” into simple unicellular living organisms.

Million of years pass and of course more accidents happen to the poor little living creatures. Some of them mutate into better organisms and they flourish some of them suck at living and die miserably.
This is to be known as the evolution of the species and the survival of the fittest.
More millions of years pass and another fortuitous accident happens.
The monkeys fall out of the tree, bump their head and become intelligent.
Just kidding :) – It was again the evolution process and the natural selection that determined the apparition and expansion of the human race.

So in conclusion after billions and billions years of evolution 170 pounds of stellar dust have evolved into calling itself “Buddha of Hollywood” and it is now conversing with another – I don’t know how many pounds of stellar dust you might be -and Buddha is saying:
- Isn’t this just fantastic that the universe is intelligent after all?
And you would say:
- Yes, that is quite fantastic!
But then again there it will be another part of the universe that calls himself “atheist” that would argue that:
- No , the universe is not intelligent.
And I would go ahead and say:
- I totally agree with you – You are just a dumb ass :)


Lydia said...

Hah! Nice flow to this post and the ending is so funny.
I think that science is a most magnificent manifestation of God's mind. Never have seen the two as opposing. In one of your earlier posts in this series you referred to God as perhaps becoming bored. Along that line, what better way for a Higher Power to ease boredom than by setting science in motion.......

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Good point to make on this post!

Well for me there is God and then there is the physical universe and then there are other universes.
I can see, that people who do not look beyond the physical universe would like there to be an old man watching them, just like a parent, and taking care of them.
But such a parent or a surveillance/pre-waring-system is something that would only really exist in a physical universe.

God however, is far, far beyond this!!!
As I mentioned before, I see God as infinite love and ultimate understanding which dopesn't really have all too much to do with the physical universe.

And in this spirit, yes, I believe that there is some truth about the hindu-legend you mentioned. Boredom is an emotional level, where things start to go wrong. there are many destructive things we have fallen for, simply because we were bored.

The solution is simple: you just act in the image of what you believe to be a high ideal or God.
Yes, being a good person does bring along some sacrifice, but then again, living not what you know to be right has much worse consequences!

much love, sarah Sofia
P.S.thanks for your comment on my blog, loved it!

Rob R said...

I may return to this but I just have a quick comment.

The appearance of an opposable thumb is considered a milestone in evolutionary developement as it was useful for manipulating objects and tools.

Hence, if your thumb could bend backwords giving it an even greater range and flexibility, you'd be just that more evolved, thus people like me with a 90 degree hitchiker thumb are even more evolved. 1 million years from now, you will be me.

Aggie said...

Ha Ha Ha @ Rob & his bendy thumb! You are right Nuddha, the atheist would be a dumbass!
I've heard the so called "accident of creation" as being referred to all the pieces of a plane falling out of the sky independently and at different times (millions of years even) and all slamming, crawling and jumping together to form a Boeing jet. Yeah right!
Chaos and random acts result in more chaos and random acts. Not the order and linked chains of an interwoven earth and nature.
But it could be that I just don't want scientists making a monkey out of me. They are welcome to make monkeys of themselves of course.

Psiplex said...

Sweet post Buddha!

One Love

Christian Apologist said...

The realization that God took 15 billion years to create the Universe only increases my awe and reverence. Can you imagine how much fun it must be to watch and guide a galaxy into full maturity and then a solar system and then the entire process from cyanobacteria to man!

Talon said...

I always think of science as the "nuts and bolts" and the idea of a higher power, "God" if you will, as the oil that keeps the engine humming along.

Another great thought-provoking post, Buddha.

C. Om said...

Cool and consciousness provoking as always.

I've always loved science and never saw it as opposing my spiritual views at all. In fact they both allow me to appreciate the other even more.

Bill Cooney said...

Budha, FYI: In all the time I've been engaging people of religious faith, I have never resorted to name-calling. It comes across as arrogant and condescending.

If you truly aspire to intelligent and respectful discourse, please think again before referring to anyone who disagrees with you as a "dumb ass."

You solicited my engagement, but I will only engage if the tone is kept civil. Thanks.

Buddha said...

@ Lydia – I totally agree. Spirituality, art and science are what lifts us from the animal level and give us our humanity – at least in theory :)

@ Sara – I don’t know what God. I am just enjoying his/her company :)

@ Rob – LOL – Maybe I am you, who knows?

@ Aggie – That is one of my complains also. Too many damn accidents in a world that is supposed to be run by the law of cause and effect :)

@ Psiplex – Thank you!
Be loved!

@ Christian – Forget the galaxies, I am totally in awe just looking at flowers and clouds :)

@ Talon – Science is the answer to “How?”
Spirituality is the answer to “Why?”

@ C Om – I believe that only when you embrace spirituality, science and art you become a fully complete human being.

@ Bill – As you can see from my previous posts I am not a person of religious faith.
I actually dislike all dogmas including Buddhist and scientific dogma.
I am not biased in my irony – at least I hope not - I am taking jabs at ignorance of all colors and sides with the same pleasure, but not at individual persons.
If you feel that my tongue in cheek comment was insulting please accept my apologies.
I wouldn’t want to miss an intelligent rebuttal just because I enjoy a bit of sarcasm in my posts :)

OJ said...

The idea that science and religion are compatible is a perverse one indeed. Science by definition is opposed to religion. Scientific discovery relies on evidence gathered from repeatable tests and experiments. Religion relied on blind belief.

If you believe in a god, it is your duty to produce the scientific evidence for that god's existence before you can expect others to believe that your god exists too.

I think your definition of what "science" means might be a little off, Buddha, if you think that science is just some other religion with a set of dogmas.

molly said...

Yes, That is quite fantastic !

Christian Apologist said...

OJ said...
The idea that science and religion are compatible is a perverse one indeed. Science by definition is opposed to religion. Scientific discovery relies on evidence gathered from repeatable tests and experiments. Religion relied on blind belief.

And if you keep repeating the lie long enough eventually everyone will believe it. belief is nothing more than the acceptance that a stated fact is true. The adjective blind does not apply to all forms of belief.

DromedaryHump said...

Buddha: Unrelated question: Your profile says "Love Warrier". WTF does "warrier" mean?

Christian Apologist said: "belief is nothing more than the acceptance that a stated fact is true."

Like most Xtians you make up shit because of ignorance or because reality doesn't suit your preferred "belief". It is a mental defect of theists, often accompanied by ishonesty which is endorsed by Christianity to further the cause.

Here in the real world we actually use the accepted definitions for things. We don't have to reinvent meanings to justify a preferred mind virus. Here's a link. Try using a me where it even infers "belief is acceptence of "fact", or the "truth of fact".

The tell us how the heck you came up with your phony and preferred definition for what is in fact blind belief. Lemme have a special Christian dictionary.


Bill Cooney said...

Budha, I stand corrected. I jumped the gun. It doesn't take much for my antenns to go up!

DromedaryHump said...

Christian after thought.

if as you have redefined "belief as ".. nothing more than the acceptance that a stated fact is true." Then what is the "fact" that Hindu's accept as true.

Name that "fact". Or is their "belief" that Shiva, Ganesh, Vishnu and all their other god's existence is not "fact" at all, even though they believe it to be true?

Or maybe your saying that made up definition of yours only works for YOUR belief... and not the beliefs of all the the hundred of other religions and beliefs past and present.

You see, the word "fact" means something too. Check it out. But this time,use a recognized dictionary.


Anonymous said...

I've seen alot of idiotic believers in my time, but this lot takes the cake. I guess they are drawn to Buddhaboy like flies to shit

Bill Cooney said...

Christian Apologist: "...belief is nothing more than the acceptance that a stated fact is true..."

I'm willing to give you a do-over on this one. That's how preposterous this remark is.

Belief - or faith - we must concur is in no way dependent on the truthfulness of that which is believed. In fact the brand of faith most deserving of respect is that which acknowledges no foundation in universally verifiable truths and exists knowing its core tenets are beyond the scope of rational query. Conversely, the brand of faith least deserving of respect is that which claims - with abundant certitude - to be born of nothing more than self-evident truthfulness or divine revelation.

Care to reconsider?

DromedaryHump said...

glad to help point out your profile error.

The "fact" and my reference to dictionary was directed toward Christian Apologist, not you. Note his inventive definition of "belief"


mud_rake said...

To me religion/theism is the antithesis of science. The former is a set of 'I believe' based on some irrational idea that a supernatural being up there worked some mega-magic and, poof!

The rabbit from the hat.

Science is substance, tangible, malleable, subjective. There are no sets of 'I believe.'

The theist likes to spin the science back to the Mega Magician as causal when, in fact, it is merely a ruby slipper episode at best.

Christian Apologist said...

I fail to see how the dictionary definition you posted contradicts what I said. Perhaps I need to elaborate on my definition better. A lot of people confuse belief with its synonym faith. These are not the same thing. We practice belief every day. When someone introduces themselves and gives us their name we tend to believe them. Or when we read a textbook we tend to believe that what the author asserts as fact is really a true fact. Belief then diverges into two seperate fields. Faith and Trust. Faith is believing something that you cannot verify with your 5 senses. Trust is believing something that can be verified by the senses.