Sunday, February 22, 2009

God concepts - Part 4

God is sacrifice.
Enlightenment is being part of God

In the bellows of the material world there is a burning process where matter is sacrificed and turned into energy and light.
It is this energy that turns the wheels of the universe; it is this light that feeds the life on Earth as we know it.
On this primordial sacrifice plants grow; and on the plant life sacrifice all that is moving life, grows; and on the top of that pyramid of sacrifices, we stand.

It is funny but if you think, that burger you had for lunch was actually “sun light” packaged as 2 for $3 deal - but I digress.
It looks like some guy, Jesus had this revelation 2000 years before me, or maybe hi didn’t but he came with this Idea of redemption through sacrifice, never the less.
His philosophy was simple – to be enlightened, you have to give yourself without asking anything in return – much like Mother Theresa did with her life.
And to make his point he made the ultimate sacrifice - he gave his life for his follow men and for his beliefs.

That sacrifice was his example of faith in God and after him his followers walk in his steps and many gave their life for the same belief, that their sacrifice is the highest form of devotion and redemption.
Some where on the path of history that changed a bit.
The victims of the savage lions in the coliseum turned into the master torturers of the inquisition.
The; give everything without asking anything in return, turned into take everything without any responsibility.

Today Jesus’ sacrifice is no more than a free ticket to paradise.
The Christian communities are stained with unwed sex, teen pregnancy, prostitution, alcoholism, drug use, domestic violence, greed and corruption.
Hey: If all Christians would behave like Mother Theresa then Jesus would have died in vain. Right?

So be a good Christian - go get yourself a male transvestite prostitute and some crystal meth and make Jesus worth his sacrifice!


Psiplex said...

Giving of yourself, the surrender of the personal will for the greater good of others is in itself acknowledgment of a higher power and purpose. IF the act is coming from an internal compulsion to serve, it is a path by which the individual has overcome baser needs to get to the place of serving. Grace has worked on the individual in order for this to come about. Wether there is a belief (begun ad acted through the mind) is another issue. Beliefs are thoughts that mimic reality but are subjective. Direct knowledge of Self connected to the Absolute transcends belief as it is the changeless consciousness serving itself, awareness.
Acts that defy laws for the sake of some expected spiritual outcome are based on concepts which are illusory. Striving to get to a point where the 'me' one imagines him/her self to be and divinity connect is a concept and will bring about the energy and karma associated. Looking inward in stillness will lead to discoveries that expand, clear and bring a lasting peace through direct experience and knowledge.

Quantum_Flux said...

Hollywood - So be a good Christian - go get yourself a male transvestite prostitute and some crystal meth and make Jesus worth his sacrifice!

b@u - Exactly the problem with Hollywood these days. Maybe somebody could drop a big net around LA/Hollywood and would catch 90% of the criminals in the whole world. I don't think actors and directors understand the reality of 'Monkey See, Monkey Do' in their movies.

As for telling people to do something that would be physically, socially, and economically harmful, you might as well be Mother Teresa there. She desired to see people living in the depravity of the Dark Ages, mind you.

C. Om said...

That dynamite is banging!


Aggie said...

If people choose to make their lives a sacrifice to others - who are we to say it's wrong or irrelevant. Their choice, and all the more power to them, if it makes them feel worthwhile.
There are more than enough folk who do the exact opposite and lives lives of extreme selfishness. They are a dime a dozen in todays world.

molly said...

I think all communities, Christian and nonChristian are wrought with domestic violence, alcoholism, etc. And I am not a Christian (though I was baptized a Lutheran as an infant--I had no say in this), but I often pause when folks say "Jesus gave his life"--I don't see it that way. It seems to me it was taken from him. Yes he was apparently totally forgiving as it happened (can't know for sure because I wasn't there).

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

There has to be a line between Mother Theresa and the crystal meth!

Of course - the path that Jesus taught only works if everyone around you is also prepared to walk it. It's no use being a pacifist when everyone else has a gun - or perhaps it is?

Jesus's basic message was "be nice to each other, lead a good and productive life" and we nailed him to a tree for saying it!

Buddha said...

@ Psiplex – I love your comment!

@ Quantum – On the Hollywood take I agree with you but to my knowledge Mother Theresa was helping the sick and poor of Calcutta, wasn’t she?

@ C Om – Fire works coming!

@ Aggie – I wish we were less selfish as a species.

@ Molly – yes, but a Satan worshiper at least has an excuse :)

@ Pixie – I think your actions should be determined by your convictions not by what other people think or do.

Quantum_Flux said...

@ Quantum – On the Hollywood take I agree with you but to my knowledge Mother Theresa was helping the sick and poor of Calcutta, wasn’t she?

@ Buddha - I saw something, perhaps on a Penn and Teller interview, where Teresa's humanitarian partner was actually contesting her status as a humanitarian. They also contested Ghandi's status based on his promotion of the Caste System in India. I can't seem to find these videos on YouTube anymore, I think it was pulled off due to all the angry threats that the magicians were getting in response. Anyhow, I assume that Mother Theresa was more sinister than the Pope would have us believe.