Friday, November 7, 2008

The thirst for spirituality. Part X

All the cultures and human civilizations have one thing in common.
They all have language, technology, art and spirituality at their core.
While the first two are easily explained as necessities for survival, on the last two I never heard a compelling argument that explains why we need them and created them.
It seems to me that when you have a life as brutal and challenging like the cave men or the Eskimos have, your time and meager resources would be too precious to waste on such frills as jewelry and painting, singing, dancing and story telling.
Why do we need beauty in our life? Why do we need a connection with the spiritual world? Why a boy born in a communist country and raise and educated as an atheist, would search for God to the end of the world?
What is this thirst and hunger we all have?
I spend so many hours contemplating these questions. I search so much to find an answer. All I know is that I need God and I need beauty, just like I need water and food to nourish my body, I need beauty and God to nourish my soul.
It is what defines me as a human being not as a 9 to 5 mechanical device, bills and tax paying machine. I need beauty and I need God. Without them I would wither and die.
And that is all I need to know.


Mr. I said...

According to me, Spiritual Questions do not have any definite answers! Everyone can give a different answer to each question.
Your answers are interesting.

krilhustler said...

Very nice post

This Brazen Teacher said...

Art and God speak to us in the language of the soul. And trying to comprehend the language of our soul with the mind is like trying to "hear a rainbow". We're using the wrong tool.

jomby said...

And sometimes art and science come together in extraordinary ways. If you live in Southern California, check out The Beauty of Science exhibit at the Huntington Library. One of the largest images on display is `Wound Man', an illustration of a man with multiple injuries from a variety of weapons. They also have Darwin's "The Origin of the Species"

Girl said...

I'm agnostic but I would really love to be able to believe in God. I think it would make my life so much easier, just to be able to believe there's a point to it all.

Braja said...

They're linked because beauty is one of the opulences that God possesses in full: beauty, knowledge, strength, renunciation, fame, and one other one which I think is a sense of humor :)