Friday, October 31, 2008

Election Special Edition

It use to be that you didn’t ask a fellow American about how much money he makes or what his financial situation was, or about his private life and for God’s sake never discussed politics, unless of course he was one of us not one of them.
If you wanted to discuss politics you got together with your political friends, people that had the same views as you and basically told one each other how right you were and how wrong the others were.
Of course those other people were never around for the debate.
So slowly after years and years of ignoring each other a huge schism has been created.
America is now divided between us and them, to the point of political civil war.

The other day I went to a kids Halloween party. The kids took over the back yard while the parents gathered into a corner by the barbeque.
To my total surprise 15 minutes into the party, a political debate ensued.
As you might now by now – if you read my posts – I am an X Republican.
Actually I believe I’m still a Republican, my values have never change but my political party some where has lost its direction.
For the first time I witnessed a real political debate, with passionate arguments, under the belt punches and clever setup traps.
The group divided in two opposite combat groups and two leaders arise.
The Republicans were lead by “John” and the Dems by “Jane” – not real names.

The battle started with the same old tired arguments, abortions, gay marriage and guns.
I didn’t even entered the debate because I consider these issues non political and just a distraction from the real problems.
Then the debate got more passionate and focused on Obama’s lack of experience.
I stepped in and asked, “Is experience just time in office and if that, is Fidel Castro the best president of the world, since he’s been in power the longest.
Is Dick Cheney the most qualified person to lead this country because he has the most experience?
My friend John was very disappointed on my betrayal and admonished me for not being a good republican – follow and don’t question type.
I said to him “John, if McCain was the democrat nominee would you vote for him?”
He said “Of course not!” I said “That’s exactly my point, you are voting for the republican party not for the country.”

The truth is that a president is as good as the people he chooses for his administration. When McCain choose Sarah Palin as running mate - for his own self interest, disregarding what America needs - I had a bad déjà view, of Bush forcing Colin Powel to resign and giving the job to kiss ass Condoleezza Rice.
Bush is the worst prez in history of USA because he has surrounded himself with incompetent, corrupted ass licking cronies and McCain shows exactly the same judgment.

November 4 is around the corner, and after months and months of grueling political debate the moment of truth is here. What will America choose? I am as curious as anybody else.
My prediction; Obama will squeeze in a victory.


Jack Payne said...

Good political instincts.

I just wrote a blog piece, comparing the strategies of con men and politicians.

You rang some bells.

Good goin'.

flight risk said...

I too am an X Republican.
I know what you meant by they got lost.

Republicans used to stand for less Government control ,less chance of war , less spending , and less taxing .

Now look at them . They want to stay in Iraq , invade Iran , get rid of our rights ( Patriot act ), be big brother for big business ,control health care , and raise taxes to pay for it all Bill Clinton was more of a Republican then McCain or Bush ever will be . Ron Paul was the last true Republican to run .

bradacus said...

Excellent post.
It describes so accurately our political landscape!

Clarisse Teagen said...

exactly@! Choose your leaders for their principles.. not their image!

I wish there were more like you in this world.
Another reason why I chose music over political science. It's utter bullshit on the field. !

David said...

Great post. I don't care for either of the candidates. You can bet whoever gets elected though, they will go back on one or more of their promises. It is so sad to feel like your country is a sinking ship when I know we have some of the brightest people in the world....

Isolde said...

I think your point was really great about the whole etiquette of "don't ask someone about politics."

On the one hand, I think it is bogus, politics should be as easily discussable and debatable as any other topic, because the welfare of our country is, at the end of the day, one of the only things everyone has in common with each other.

But you are also right about the civil war aspect, and it makes me say the old etiquette is right on the money. After all, this debate is so heated that it seems like each side only has blinded zealots, ready to tell the opponent they suck but not engage in a real open debate where they are prepared to be persuaded to another view point. In this kind of atmosphere, where you don't know who you are talking to, you will either be exposed to praise or seriously defaming statements.

There is a reason we are all alone in the voter's booth...and due to the pressures both side put on people I can now see why!

Michael Wong said...

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Lydia said...

"The battle started with the same old tired arguments, abortions, gay marriage and guns.
I didn’t even entered the debate because I consider these issues non political and just a distraction from the real problems....

That line says so much. Republicans are stuck in those issues and really seem out of touch with the great world issues of our time.

Needless to say, my husband and I had some interesting discussions while canvassing for Obama in our town on Saturday. We were working from a list of Dems and others whose parties were unidentified. At one house we came upon a party going on (game time, I think). A whole group of guys ages around 25-35 piled up at the door entry, like a bunch of big puppies. When they saw our buttons one of them said, nicely, "We're for McCain" at the same time another guy was smiling big and saying "AWKWARD!" Everyone was smiling and getting a kick out of us being there. We were smiling because they put us at ease (unlike one fat blond chick who barked louder than her little mutt "I'm a Republican" as she shut the door in our faces). There was a friendliness in the air as we turned to leave the porch. A large bald guy in a football jersey called to us saying, "But we love Barack. We just don't want him to be President."
We desperately need that kind of happy jostling and good-natured sparing in this nation -- and will need it all the more after the election results are known.

Nurse Jen Doll said...

All I say on this whole election thing is.. I am all for Obama because of his concerns with the nation itself. McCain is more for the world. He'll just be another president bush.

bhavin said...

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