Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The thirst for spirituality. Part II

In my first year of high school in social studies we started the course titled “scientific socialism” all you ever wanted to know about Karl Marks, Engels, Lenin and Mao. BTW I recommend “The Capital” not a bad reading. The only problem with any perfect social order is that it can’t exist. Nobody seems to realize that in order to have a perfect society you need to have perfect people. So what started as a good idea – the Bolshevik revolution – got high jacked by an asshole, psychopathic maniac –Stalin – and it ended up with the Gulag and the genocide of 20 million Russians. (Pretty much the blue print for all subsequent communist revolutions) On the third year we started another course titled “scientific atheism” also known as Christianity’s dirty little secrets and crimes against humanity that you’ll never hear in a Sunday morning sermon. It was a collection of gory details of inquisition tortures, murder, rape and pillage of the crusades, more of the same of Spanish conquistadores, greed, lust and corruption of the Vatican and church clergy and so on. Like I said a lovely collection of historical facts designed to turn us against God. Of course the problem was that God didn’t have anything to do with what the church did so the anti divine argument didn’t have much traction. So they bring in the ultimate anti God weapon: The scientific argument. I remember this teacher asking the class “Have any of you seen God?” I raise my hand, and then answer “Do you have a mind comrade teacher? He replied “Yes of course” So I asked him “Have you seen it?” A puerile argument I may say, but it landed me in the principal’s office. I was not allowed any more comments and questions if I were to finish high school. So pretty much I had to burry my question and quest for a latter day. So to college I went. The halls of higher learning, the temple of truth. BS. Things just god from bad to worse and I was on a collision course with the authorities. They said that I was corrupted by the capitalist ideology and propaganda; they called me an antisocial element and an instigator. Pretty much I had kept my big mouth shut and pretend that I agreed with them. It was at that time that de idea of defecting came to my mind. It was just a dream but the seed was planted and the future was set even if I didn’t know it then.


The BoBo said...

You have some good stuff going on over here. Will you be putting up a subscribe link or button or anything? I'd like to subscribe to your feed. Also, when I get a free moment, I'll be adding you to my blog roll as well.

See ya

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

the only thing i know about philosophers is that there's nothing Nietche couldn't teach-yer about the raising of the wrist and socrates himself was permanently pissed...however i suspect that neither is true.

True - it is very difficult to prove that something you can't see does or does not exist - does visualisation of an item make it any more real? Sartre would say non!

though equally the fact that your teacher had a brain he can't see does not, ipso facto, prove that god exists - but he should have taken the point on board

Lea said...

This is my first time to your site. I really like what I see. I don't stumble many sites, but I did yours. Have a great day filled with many blessings.

codakiz said...

"Have you seen your mind comrade teacher?' Not so 'puerile' a point actually. Indeed it offers no proof, but a great leading question encouraging exploration. After all, proof of the Real demands experience of it.