Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fat Chance! Part II

Coming to America for the first time it is impossible not to be amazed and shocked.
The vastness of the country, the unsurpassed natural beauty the diversity of people, the remarkable economical power and civilization and oh yeah, the way Americans eat are all astonishing.
There is no other country in the world that has a love, hate relationship with food like USA. The world eats to live. The Americans live to eat.
We have taken this simple, every day family event and turn it into a gigantic industry – Like most of everything else in this country.
We have invented the fast food, the drive through dining, the all you can eat buffet and of course dieting. – What else do you expect after all that eating?
Today America is a battle field over who controls your eating habits.
On one side the gigantic, well established food industry, spending millions of dollars on advertising campaigns designed to keep America eating ever larger quantities of food.
On the other hand, the emerging, lean and mean dieting machine, throwing everything they have in the battle against the food industry.
It looks like a classical good versus evil battle, but don’t let the appearances fool you. Although both industries claim to be on your side and looking for your health and well being, health and well being is not what they have in mind. This battle is about the billions of dollars that we spend each ear and who controls that spending. Yes people, this is the sad and ugly truth. They do not care about you, and they do not care about your problems, all they want is your money. The American consumer is caught between the cross fire. Bombarded every day with, TV and radio ads, internet ads, infomercials, billboards, fliers, junk mail and spam. Diet to be skinny! Eat to be healthy! Downsize, super size, we grow every day in size! You are being used and abused every day and before you embark on another new diet, stop and ask yourself this:
Do I want to be the ping pong ball of the food and diet industry for the rest of my life? Do I want them or me to control my eating habits?
It is your choice to have a normal or a dysfunctional relationship with your food and dieting is a highly dysfunctional one.


classicalgeek said...

The healthiest would be to grow your own food. Unfortunately few of us have time for more than the occasional herb or tomato.

The next best thing is to establish relationships with local growers, and buy their food from them.

A step up from that is the local co-op; after that a grocery that has local food, and so on.

Processed or fast food is the very worst of food. If you eat in restaurants, with some research you can find those restaurants that patronize local growers (or in rare cases, grow at least part of their own food--they do exist!).

Anonymous said...

Well, the health food people may advertise that they're about your health when they're really about your money, but the same can't be said for the places that just want you to eat fried stuff (which I do, all the time). McDonald's won't tell you to eat their stuff because it's healthy, they say to eat it because it's good.

And the health food companies may just be after your money, but if I'm able to find a good company that charges cheap to follow their diet, I think the trade off is still good. And yes, you're right, we definitely should be supporting local markets.

Salil Dhawan said...


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L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

You are right and to think that America came into being only a few centuries ago.

In Indian history we read about kingdoms that came up in a few hundred years and then reached their pinnacle. I think America is something like that. It was created out of nothing and today it is an epitome of creativity and life.

Eating habits.....I read somewhere that during slow down people eat better and exercise more.