Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Flow

Life is the Flow.
Sickness is obstruction or stagnation of the Flow.
Everything that happens is Life. Everything that happens is Flow.
When the Flow is natural and effortless Life prospers and evolves.
When the Flow is obstructed Life withers and devolves.
We are mistaken assuming that we know the purpose of Life.
Life must flow naturally and effortlessly, like water.
The water doesn’t have a purpose. The purpose of water is to flow.
In flowing water finds is course and destination.
Life doesn’t have a purpose. The purpose of Life is to Flow.
In flowing Life finds its path and destination.
Purpose is created by Life not dictated by it.
Don’t force your Flow.
Water doesn’t “fight” its way. Its flow is effortless but never the less it will cut through the hardest rock.
Don’t force your life. Just like water seek opportunity. Look all over. Look to all places and all people. Eventually, you will find the effortless path and your Life will Flow like water.
All water flows to the Ocean.
All Life flows to the “Oneness” to the ocean of consciousness from which it was born.
The return to your “original self” enriched and enlightened by your travel, your Flow.
Do not stay idle. Do not stop. Do not force.
Like a child, let wonder be your guide. Be restless, be curious, be brave.
Find your flow and stay in your flow.
You’ll know it by the joy that Life journey should be.
You’ll know it by the light glowing more intense in your soul.
You’ll know it by the power of your actions and the change you will bring to the world


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