Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy birthday baby Jesus!

I got the Christmas blues.
And I don’t mean just being stressed of choosing the right gift for the right person or being tired of hours and hours of shopping or aggravated by the maddening traffic and the bad weather.
I mean, I am down right depressed.

This was supposed to be the “time for cheer and time for joy” the time for “peace and good will towards men”.
What the hell happened with the religion of love?

I know this country is not a Christian country.
There are a couple of weirdos like myself that do not subscribe to that religion but by enlarge America is ruled by Christian folk.
They elect the representatives, our leaders and our presidents. They are the majority and as in any democracy the majority rules.

So how come the corruption, greed and intolerance have become the signature of American policy and life?
What happened to the Jesus teachings?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Jesus.
I think the guy is absolutely right. He got it. He got the answer and that answer is love.
He is a great teacher and one of the few human beings I really admire and one of the few I would like to be more like, in my thoughs and my deeds.
I did not become a Buddhist because I don’t agree wit his teachings. I deeply and profoundly agree with him.
My problem is that I am a very passionate man.
My emotions run wild and deep and I have a hell of a time teaming them up. My emotions are like an ocean; beautiful in fair weather but devastating and lethal in a storm.
I love and hate with the same passion and I can switch from one to another in an eye blink.
I don’t think Jesus is not good enough for me. I believe I am not good enough for him and I rather be a humble and honest Buddhist than a righteous and hypocrite Christian.

So now on your birthday we bring you not silver and gold, not love and good will towards men, but wars and hatred, poverty and homelessness, corruption and hypocrisy, greed and violence.

From all America this is our present for you!
Happy birthday baby Jesus!


Lydia said...

Bless you, passionate man. Because you are that, and honest too, YOU get it. Your post gets to the heart of this holiday far better than most sermons that will be preached this month in Christian evangelical churches.
You might be interested in
The Jefferson Bible, written by Thomas Jefferson.

I hope that by sharing your Christmas blues they started to disappear....

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

As Douglas Adams once put it: we nailed a guy to a tree for saying how great it would be if we all just got along!

I agree - i am not religious, but i think the basic message of Jesus was "Ignore what the priests are telling you - take care of one another, care for one another, learn to forgive" - and this was a fine message. It's just a shame that two thousand years later we're still fighting over how to be nice to one another

Lydia said...

Regarding your comment at my post about the book on the link in the middle of the post to take the quiz. Only 6 questions. I'll be interested to know the results if you choose to share! :)

Lily Hydrangea said...

As a practicing Catholic who believes there are many different religions that may lead to enlightenment, I can say that for me, the birth of Christ represents tremendous hope. I was also taught to see Christ in everyone.
That teaching forces me to see all the good that is out there. Not that I don't get depressed over the bad stuff too... but I think that is what spiritual practice is all about. We have to practice our faith to stay connected to all that is good.
Ghandi said, "you must be the change you wish to see in the world."
So take comfort Buddha, in the fact that you are shedding light on the real meaning of Christmas.
Thanks for the thought provoking post.

This Brazen Teacher said...

Aw Buddha... I'm sorry you're down. One of my favorite quotes:

"I do not like Christians, I like your Christ. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

--Mohandas Gandhi

Jason The Bald Guy said...

Great stuff Budda! I love your posts! always thought provoking and honest.

keep up the good work!

Brad said...

Christians took the teachings of Jesus and turned it into a pyramid of power within their churches. It was never supposed to be that way...but mankind has a tendency to strive for dominance over things that seem important to them and others.

Our race no longer 'reflects' on anything. Those in power at least. Jesus' teachings were meant for reflection and instead it was turned into a power structure that dumbed down it's whole meaning and then spit it back out at you for a price of 10% tithe of your monthly earnings ..... naturally.

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely going to come back and read this post and give it an actual comment, but right now I only have time for a quick response to something you posted on my literary blog.

The "V for Vendetta" film did not flop. It grossed almost three times what it cost to make. It wasn't as successful as "Iron Man", but it didn't flop.

Mike Allen said...

Very true and honest blog. I am a Christian, however. And you are so right so many people call themselves Christians and yet are so corrupt and evil. Everything that Jesus was not.

Very good points. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Jane Doe said...

Another amazing post! So very true. The rule of the day lately with those who call themselves 'Christians' is hate, intolerance and greed. Just look at the hatred that spews forth from Christians when the subject of homosexuality comes up. I do not believe that Jesus would ever condone such hatred and intolerance. It is sad to me that Christians have taken this man, who was all about peace, love, and forgiveness and warped his message into one of hatred.

Chrissy said...

Wow, that was a good tirade. I love it. Here in the UK more and more people are becoming born again Christians. I don't have problem with anyones beliefs but so many of these people seem to practice "Lets be intolerant and bigoted all week, lets do exactly as we like, cause mayhem, treat others with contempt, wage war on those that don't conform with what WE want.
Then hey we will go to church on Sunday and we will go to heaven because God loves us".

I work on the principle to treat others as I would wish to be treated. I don't know where that originated but it fits well with me.

Spiritual Blogger said...

Beautiful and honest. Your depth of feeling is your gift. Thank you for sharing so openly and honestly.

timethief said...

As always you post is thought provoking. I love the fact that you share so openly. Thanks so much for being my blogging friend and guest author too.

AUM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

RecycleCindy said...

I followed you over from BlogCatalog and just wanted to say Happy Birthday to our Lord Baby Jesus too! God bless and Merry Christmas.