Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Trap of Positivity

You wouldn't think a daily diet of cake and candy is good for your body.
Then why would you think that feeding your mind all the time with feel-good positivity is good for your mind?

Positive affirmations and visualizations just like the sugary foods are high in mental calories and it will give you bursts of spiritual energy but just like the sugary foods have very poor nutritional value and after the rush, it will live you depleted and needing even more of the same to keep you going.

People on a high diet of positivity have very low spiritual stamina. They get easily offended, scared and depressed when faced with tough situations or prolong negative environments.
A strong spiritual person is built on a strong spiritual foundation.
Your belief system is the core foundation of that spirituality.

What your mind needs is TRUTH which like broccoli and spinach is not very appetizing but 100% healthier.
When your belief system is based on undeniable truths you can withstand the most devastating situations without collapsing spiritually.
You may, in fact, come out of these situations even stronger than before with your belief system forged even more powerful by the battle.

Is then positivity bad for you and should you avoid it?
Of course not.
Positivity when properly used is very beneficiary to our spiritual being.
A session of positive affirmations at the start of your day will be like a cup of coffee in the morning just the right thing to get you started on the right foot.
Or a little pick me up in the afternoon when you feel a little down spiritually will also do you good.

The problem with positivity like with everything else in our lives, comes when we start abusing it and neglecting the fundamentals of our spiritual being.
Unicorns and rainbows hugs and kisses are nice but not very good at building a strong spiritual person.

The world we live in is still full of negativity and to survive and thrive in this world you have to be a fit spiritual warrior.
Your mental health, your spiritual stamina, and strength have to be a top priority in your life just like good nutrition and physical exercise for your body.

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