Friday, December 8, 2017

The Acorn Universe

“Believe those who are seeking the truth.
Doubt those who find it.”
Andre Gide

I was watching this time-lapse photography on YouTube.
It was a vine climbing up a wall, and this young sprout acted like an arm or tentacle probing and searching the wall.
When it found a nail on the wall, something amazing happened.
The vine sprouted a curly ending and grabbed the nail!
That time lapse camera showed not only that the vine was moving but that it was doing something intelligent too!

I had a moment of epiphany.
I realized that instance how narrow and prejudiced we see the reality around us.

Out of the infinite spectrum of electromagnetic radiations we see an extremely narrow band.
Out of the sound spectrum, again we can only hear a tiny portion.
Our senses of smell and taste are even worse, we are nothing compared to dogs or sharks.
Not to mention that we lack some senses totally – like the shark’s ability to sense electrical fields, the snake's ability to see infrared or the bats to see sound.

But the biggest problem is our prejudiced way in which we look at reality.
We look at reality according to our frame reference of time, size, form or function.
For example, we only see things moving at close to human speed, therefore we do not see plants moving.
We see the things the way we are not the way they truly are.

Imagine that you could see 50 years of evolution of an oak tree in a second.
It would look like the oak acorn explodes into an oak tree!
…Imagine that you could look at the universe without the human subjectivity.
Would the universe still look like exploding or would it look like an acorn growing up, evolving not expanding, budding into galaxies and solar systems in an organic way rather than a random blast?

I always had an ambivalent feeling about the big bang theory.
You see, if you would take a can of paint and a stick of dynamite and exploded the paint into an empty white room, you would expect to get just a random splash of paint on the walls. You wouldn’t expect to get anything like repeated shapes or organized patterns.
So to me, this explanation that the universe exploded into being the way it is just by accident sounds totally bogus.

I am not a scientist and I can’t prove my theory, but for me, the idea of an “Acorn Universe” growing and evolving, sounds more sensible than the "Big Bang" theory.
What do you think?


Höde said...

Worth a thought. Filaments look like braincells. Is Universe searching for self knowledge? Is mankind a tool just for this?

Buddha Hollywood said...

Why do you think mankind is the ultimate step of the evolution and not just another step?
What are the chances we are the most advanced form of life in the universe?
And why evolution would suddenly stop at the actual level?

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