Friday, March 7, 2014


What is freedom?
Is it a state  or just a state of mind?
The state and the state of mind define each other.
For to be free or enslaved you have to  know it first.
And to know it, first you have to be in one state or the other.

Are you free?
We all think we are free.
To think otherwise would be insanity.
Nobody accepts willingly to live a life of enslavement.
Therefore, we lie to ourselves and think of us as free.

You are as free as your means to overcome your limitations allow you to be.
May those limitations be physical or mental.
It is easy to see how that applies to the physical world.
Your freedom of movement, of having and doing things, is determined by your means.
What about your mental freedom? Your freedom of thinking?

You think your thoughts are free. Right?
Please stop reading this and pick up a piece of paper.
Write on it how cold fusion can be achieved or how cancer can be cured.
How about this: Can you write a novel or compose a symphony at will?
Nope. I didn’t think so. Neither can I.

Our minds are locked in the prison of reason.
Limited to a continuous internal mumbling and rambling.
Locked into a never ending loop of repetitions.
Fragments of songs, incoherent bits of thought and ideas.
We only rarely break out of that prison.

You might think your mind and thoughts are free but you are wrong.
Freedom is just an illusion created by the “what” and the “who” that are enslaving you.
You will not know your prison until you push for the boundaries of your freedom.
You will not know your freedom until you break those walls.


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