Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How to cross a river

Early in the morning a poor fisherman is walking to his boat.
On the bank of the river, looking like a Buddha statue covered in the golden light of the dawn, a young monk is deep in his meditation.
As the fisherman approaches, the monk gets up and starts crossing the river, walking on the surface of the water.
Seeing him, the fisherman stops and nods.
- No, no, no! You are doing it all wrong!
The young monk turns around surprised and looks at the raggedy fisherman.
- Come, follow me. I will show you how to do it. Says the fisherman.
The monk follows him in silence to the old wooden boat where they get in.
The fisherman picks up the oars and starts rowing. When the boat reaches the other shore of the river, the fisherman says.
- See monk. This is the proper way to cross the river.


Don't Feed The Pixies said...

I guess some people will still fail to see a miracle when it's right in front of them, huh!

Glad i popped round as this cheered me up no end

Quantum_Flux said...

Uh, haha, that is an example of coloring outside the lines of reality. Fine, whatever, I guess if that makes you happy or whatever. (FYI - there are ways to walk on water that don't violate physical reality)

Quantum_Flux said...

Perhaps in the subconscious imagination of a lucid dream it was a photon electron caught but by a phonon electron crossed, was once a zero but now a one, but by the yottabytes of mind was made the river, the aura, the buddha, the ability to hover afloat, and also the boat.

Argent said...

I wonder how many of us have been preventing from walking on water by well-meaning people who think boats are the only way.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

An important lesson on keeping your mind and heart open and free.

Flight said...

This reminds of a story that I can't seem to find with Google so here it goes ...

A man trying to cross a flooded river spotted a monk on the other side. The man yelled to the monk " How do you get to the other side ?" The monk replied " Brother your on the other side " :)

Darshan Chande said...

The fisherman represents the most people of the world. You show them the right way, but they will turn a deaf ear to your wisdom talk and rather find faults with you and try to impose on you what they believe to be right.

Nice story.

Nishant said...

A very innocent tale, indeed.