Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The case against "HOPE"

I love reading.
I was 4 or 5 when I started reading.
I do not remember anymore, it was so long ago.
But I remember around 12 I read this book “The factory of death”
It was about the concentration camp at Auschwitz.

The images of death were so powerful that have etched in my memory forever.
People being round up like cattle. People being pushed in train wagons like cattle.
People being hoarded around like cattle. People being treated worse than animals.
People being killed and burned by millions.

I remember this incredible feeling of revolt.
I was mad; how could this have happened.
I wanted to scream at the pictures: Run! Fight!
But the people in the pictures seemed resigned to their faith, unable to run or fight.
That bothered me a lot too.

A year ago the country was on the verge of a revolution.
The people were raising their voices against the war, against the bail outs, against the deficit, against the government corruption and inability to govern.
Now everybody is quiet.

The war has just escalated with even more troops being sent in Afghanistan.
Another trillion of dollars have been thrown at the banks.
The government is more corrupt and more inept to function than ever.
Yet, everybody seems resigned.

Are we blind? Are we cowards? What is going on?
And then I realized something:
As with the Jewish people then and always:
We are not blinded and paralyzed by fear.
We are blinded and paralyzed by hope.

I know many people will not agree with my conclusion…
I sure would like to hear your interpretation of this apparent human “apathy”


Quantum_Flux said...

I'm in a techno-ology-trance. How many Dancing Robotic Atomatons can you fit on the crators of the Moon? :>

Denny Lyon said...

As to why people are so quiet right now after protesting the war and bailouts: People are worn out emotionally with all the stress in their lives right now. They watch the news, then see their neighbors lose their jobs and then their homes and wonder about themselves. Sounds like many Americans have gone into self-protective mode much like the Germans and the Jews did during WWII when were more afraid for themselves individually than collectively. Some things are too difficult to process.

Why did the concentration camps happen and today's war garbage? Besides the fact that history recycles garbage. Same answer: Big Business got control of the politicians in Hitler's time and the lobbyists which rep BB are today's scourge on our government. Last count there were around 63 lobbyists to each person in the House and Senate.

It will continue to be a mess until the average person contributes to political campaigns, votes in every primary - which Dems are notoriously lazy at doing and then whine why we have bad reps. Then average people must stand up en masse to vote and get serious about throwing out every politician tied to a lobbyist.

It's a hard road uphill but can be done. The question is if enough people care about anyone outside just themselves. That's the only way to get a healthy and good society - when people choose to work for the betterment of all.

Joe said...

When "hope" is hope for things to return to how they were, the way we think they're supposed to be, it is no hope at all, but utter despair. Hope does not yearn for anything it knows, that can be subjugated to knowledge (where knowledge is the code of "the way things are"). Hope is for a new beginning, something that pierces through the tyranny of appearances.

Flight said...

We seem to only get upset when our wallets are affected

revivor said...

either that or we only protest when our wallets are not affected!!