Sunday, November 8, 2009

10 Steps to focus your life

I’ve been working on this list for a while and I decided to publish it just to see if anybody has any suggestions how to improve it :)

1) Decide what you want
We all want to accomplish more, learn more or experience more.
You have to understand that wanting too much is as bad as wanting too little.
So you have to take the time and choose and set clear goals for your life.

2) Write it down
This is where most of us fail.
We take the first step but we never follow through.
You have to turn your thoughts into concrete action and the first “concrete” manifestation of your thoughts is putting them down on paper.
Write a plan.
Put down the steps you are going to take
Set a time table.

3) Find a witness.
Share your plans with the people you love.
Keep them informed about your progress.
Get them involved, curious and excited about your plans.

4) Join forces
Find people or organizations dedicated to the same goals that you are pursuing.
Find friends and make connections.
Exchange ideas and personal experiences.
Join forces with them.

5) Create habits
Everything is easier to do when it becomes a habit.
Create a daily routine.
Create a work space inductive to your work.
Focus on being consistent rather than on your performance.
Keep going even when you feel like quitting.

6) Eliminate disruptions
Set aside a time to work on your goals.
Get read of the people that sabotage your work.
If those people happen to be your family then you have to get away from them.
Like do not work home instead rent an office outside your house.

7) Elevate your energy
Improve your diet and eating habits.
Exercise regularly.
Improve your sleeping habits.

8) Control your emotions
Meditate, pray and/or recite daily affirmations.
Give thanks daily for the things you have and the things you have accomplished.
Forgive and forget the people in your life and their wrong doings.
Stop being judgmental.

9) Check and review
Set a weekly time aside for reviewing your progress.
Alter the plans and your time tables accordingly.
Find your weak spots and reinforce them.

10) Reward and punish
Give yourself rewards for a job well done and for keeping your goals.
Punish your bad habits.
No more TV watching, no more video game playing or no more web surfing are pretty good “incentives” for the un cooperative types.


throba said...

"No more TV watching" i take as a reward, as sth. good and not as a punishment, lol

Poetic Shutterbug said...

I agree with all that you've stated except for #3. It's been my experience that many people, especially family will be negative or try and talk you out of your goals and dreams. So, I basically just share with like minded people. Great post.

Buddha of Hollywood said...

@ Throba - LOL! Some people's poison is some people's honey :)

@ poetic Shutterbug -
That is the hardest thing to deal with; a negative family.
You might change your friends but you can't choose your relatives :(

Quantum_Flux said...
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Quantum_Flux said...

;-) looks good

mickael said...

one more point: remember that anything is possible. ;)

good luck.

Angela Lovell said...

6 & 8 would be my two hardest challenges

Angela Lovell said...
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