Friday, September 17, 2010

...So close but yet so far apart

Two arms, two legs, two eyes,
a mouth, two ears a beating heart.
You grow, you play, you learn.
And everything is fine.
(For the most part)
Time flies
Another year.
First day of school
The start of something wonderful.
First love, first date, first kiss.
First doubts and then a broken promise
The dreams, the love, the lies
...So close but yet so far apart.
A lesson learned.
New rules
An oath, a thought:
Be smart and play it cool
Another spring, another school
Another style, a new disguise
Still trying to look cool and wise.
Still acting like a fool
The job, the work and the commute
Long hours, politics, promotion
The finer things in life and all the loot
you ever dreamed of getting
The modern life in constant motion
That inner voice disturbing and unsetting
A new attempt, another start
...So close but yet so far apart
The loneliness.
A desperate act.
Another lonely stranger or a spouse?
The social contract
New drapes, the kids, a bigger house.
Still wondering: What if...?
The shorter years in hyper speed
The thinning hair, the body getting stiff
So rich, so wise but still in need
Still looking for the perfect deed
The wining hand, the highest prize
You keep on saying:
“Everything is fine”
But coming fast at you the finish line
No arms, no legs, no eyes,
no mouth, no ears, no beating heart.
...So close but yet so far apart


Don't Feed The Pixies said...

great to see you back - i am back as well and if you have any advice on how to channel bad karma into positive thoughts i would very much appreciate it

Zuzanna Musial said...

Hello, Don't Feed The Pixies,

Hope this will be of a little help to you...

Each individual soul is personally responsible for all their deeds, from the beginning of creation to the ends of the earth. No matter how far out into space we go... no matter how fast we run down the ages of time, eventually, our past deeds will always catch up to us. No one can escape from karma, just as no one can escape from themselves (wherever you go, there you are). Some may say karma is a cruel joke, but it is actually a brilliant way the universe teaches us to learn and evolve into higher functioning creatures. Karma is a sort of built in feedback mechanism, epitomized in the biblical saying "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". This is the personal, universal, and eternal lesson of karma.

The physical and energetic laws of the universe demand balance - one side of the equation must equal the other. No matter how awful certain dramatic events may look from a human standpoint, the laws of Karma are actually quite impersonal and unforgiving. However, there is a way out (or should I say through)... and that is with the help of the healing work.

Hope things are better now,