Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lets give credit where credit is due!

There is this popular idea that banks are in business of giving people credit.
Let me get one thing straight: - Banks are in business to make a profit not to finance your life style! The idea that giving financial institutions a 700 billion bailout will turn your credit life back to what it was 2-3 years ago is not only naive, stupid and ignorant but extremely dangerous at the same time. The only reason you are still in your house right now, even if you are late in your payments is because banks are stuck with too many bad loans and can't afford to have all these houses run down and vandalised. So basically right now you are house sitting for the banks until the bailout comes in. The moment the government bails out the banks out of those bad loans you'll be out on the street before you could say "foreclosure" A new social order will be established. People with credit on one side enjoying all the benefits and comforts of having credit and people without credit on the other side basically f$#@.
So if you have credit problems now rejoice, cause the government its about to fix it for you - No more credit, no more credit problems! TA DA!
Of course there will be the occasional exception to the rule eg. Wining the lottery or getting a fat inheritance. Then the banks will be more than happy to give your credit back ( read -have a piece of your money) BTW A little known and talk about fact. One of the first thing Bush did when he took the power is to change the bankruptcy laws. Many of you will find out pretty soon that bankruptcy is not an option any longer. YOU WILL PAY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Kinda modern slavery without chains. So all lets give credit where credit is due. A masterfully crafted scam - they get the 700 billion you get the tab - well done indeed!

Monday, September 29, 2008


The banks are not making any more loans! No more credit and credit cards! No more houses sold and bought! No more college education! The Earth will stop spinning! The sky is falling, the sky is falling and we are all doomed! So you better fork out a couple trillions to the Wall street gang ASAP before they start doing the unthinkable...Imagine all those hordes of Bank executives fresh out of jobs rushing up to McDonald's and taking away my job! ...I am %$#@!Wait what...? They don't work for minimum wages... Whew! What a relieve! That was a close one.Well, then they'll take away all your manufacturing jobs and YOU gonna be in deep %$#@! What? They sent all the manufacturing jobs to China? ...Well maybe they'll start making money by building planes, trains or automobiles or grow corn, soy and beans! ...No? That's not the way they make money? ...How do bankers make money? - They make money by lending money..?So you wanna tell me that they will stop lending money if we don't bail them out?That kinda reminds me of the "Blazing Saddles" scene when the sheriff puts the gun to his head to stop the lynching mob-Don't get any closer or the nigger gets it!But the Shtock marked just dropped 777 points because we failed to pass the bill! Right?Well... wanna bet tomorrow Tuesday 30 September the market will go up! (Is the full Moon you know, it always goes up on a full moon on Tuesdays!) So don't worry, because it really doesn't matter if you do or not, or what you think or do. It's all set behind the scenes. In the end they'll get the (read your) money - this is just the foreplay, a little buttering so you'll think it doesn't hurt that bad when you'll take it up your anus! And all will be just perfect in the end. It always works that way...Isn't democracy grand? Best political system money can buy!