Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Choice

I have being asked many times:
“Have you ever seen God?”
“Have you ever seen a picture or any scientific proof of his existence?”
(For some reason people believe God is a dude :)
And invariably the other question:
“How can an educated and intelligent man like you can believe in a superstition about something that doesn’t exist?”

“The same way I believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”
I like to reply.
You see, not everything that is important to me exist in a physical form.
Actually of all the things that are really important to me only, health, clean air and healthy food are of material nature.
The most important things in my life; love, happiness and freedom do not exist in the physical realm.
But for me they are more real than the things I can see and touch.

Here is the scoop:
I do not have the choice of the reality I live in.
However, I have the choice of my beliefs.

Do I want to believe that I am just an evolved monkey?
An insignificant part of a mechanical universe being banged around like billiard balls by cold mechanical forces and laws?
Do I want to run my life by biological animal instincts in the name of survival of the fittest?

Or do I want to believe that I am somebody and something special?
That I can overcome my animal instincts and evolve into something noble, enlightened, a beautiful human being?

It doesn’t make any difference if God exists or not.
If the universe is a stupid exploding bunch of rocks or not.
If there is heaven and hell, karma and reincarnation or just nothing after life.
Those things are not a choice!
They are or they are not. That’s all; but they are not something you can choose.
The only thing you an I can choose is our beliefs.

Do you want to live your life according to what; the society, mass media, government, the scientific establishment, or the church has chosen for you?
Aren’t you tired of being manipulated, lied to, used and abuse by the very institutions that were supposed to watch over your well being?

Well, if you do, you ought to know that you have the choice to choose your beliefs according to the life you want to live not according with anyone else my tell you to do!
(Including yours truly BoH)
The choice is yours.
Define your own reality!


Mariana Soffer said...

generally for the more evolved people the most important things are not the material ones, those are for the more
primitive kind of humans.

Do you think you have full choice on what you do belive in. Cause I do not, I wanted to belive in god so many times
in my life but I could never believe for real, no matter how I tried, I knew I was lying to myself. And there ae also people
who just can not concieve their life without their faith in love, they could never ever stop beliving, I doubt
that is a choice either.

I agree that it does not matter if ogd existst, the universe exists, reincarnation or whatever, what matters
is what you belive in.

What I think that I can choose about and I do choose about:
Do you want to live your life according to what; the society, mass media, government, the scientific establishment, or the church has chosen for you?
That Is something I fell where I can make a different by making the right choice, either for me and for the other people, I choose to fight for what I think is right for humanity wekkbeing, I choose to open my eyes and see
what is going on in this world.
That is the bet I can make so far in this world
Take care my new friend

Talon said...

When you see a baby being born or watch a foal take her first steps or listen to children laughing or watch the sunrise, it's really hard not to believe that there is something beyond the fact that we exist.

People never question the existence of the intangibles we experience such as love, joy, hate...etc...

Quantum_Flux said...

There is only one reality, either your beliefs and that of all the different groups BOH listed resemble reality or they don't. If those beliefs don't reflect reality then that is fine so long as you're okay with being a sucker. My advice is not to commit to any belief unless there is sufficient evidence and it makes logical sense to you.

Ted Bagley said...

I love the command underneath the offering of choice.

Ted Bagley said...

I have another blog and hope you all check it out.

Buddha said...

@ Mariana – We are all caught between reason and faith.
What you are experiencing is what everybody else is experiencing.
The only thing different is that you are open and honest about it :)

@ Talon – Exactly!
Everybody sees it everybody knows is real but nobody wants to accept it.
We all want a proof :)

@ Quantum – The beliefs should serve you not the other way around.

@ Ted – Be free is not a command.
…Oh well, maybe it is :)

Joe Clement said...

Evolved monkey or something special?

Both sound like cop outs. People have too low opinions of monkeys and too high opinions of specialness.

Mariana Soffer said...

Thanks a lot buddja, that made me feel better with myself for real

Scruffy said...

Scruffy loves the billiard balls universe.

Scruffy said...

8 ball in side pocket. Oh no, interference on Bumper Buddha.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

I've never seen Texas - but i hear that it exists.

But even if we are evolved apes that doesn't mean that's all we are

Humans - so much potential for creation and destruction. Wonderful and monsterous in the same breath.

Maybe we should just assume there is no plan and make plans of our own - surely that's where the point lies?

Descartes said...

My problem with Belief is that it synonymous with Fantasy.

If I Believe that a bowling ball is weightless, it will still shatter my foot when I let go of it.

Buddha said...

@ Joe – Well, then maybe we are just special beings monkeying around :)

@ Mariana – You are welcome!
It is a real pleasure knowing you :)

@ Scruffy – But the billiard ball universe doesn’t love Scruffy :(
Happy bumping!

@ Pixie – Maybe you are right.
Maybe that is all the point.
I don’t have the answers I just got a lot of questions.

@ Descartes – Tell an anorexic bulimic that her sickness is just a fantasy.
You are oversimplifying existence to the material world.
I wish it was that simple.