Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Who do you trust?

There is this anecdote of an American soldier during the Second World War in France.
One day the soldier went to Pablo Picasso’s art studio in Paris.
He looked around at the strange paintings and finally asked the master:
“Do all women in your village have their eyes on one side of their face?”
The artist laughed and changes the subject.
Later on Picasso asked the young man if he is married.
The solder said “No” but he had a lovely fiancé waiting for him in the states and very proudly pulled out a picture from his wallet.
The master looked at the picture then asked in amazement: “Are all women in your village this small?”

There are three major views of the world:
The artistic view, the spiritual view and the scientific view.
I choose to use the word “spiritual” and not “religious” because not all spiritual views and teachings are necessarily religious and not all religious views and teachings are necessarily spiritual.
I would like to think of myself a spiritual person and not a religious one :)

Now, anybody with a little bit of education and a little bit of common sense realizes that art is not intended to be scientific, or exact.
You wouldn’t say Monet is a bad painter because his paintings are out of focus or Picasso is bad because his portraits are not anatomically correct. Would you?
Only a moron would ask to remove art from our schools curriculums because it is not scientifically sound. Right?

Well, what about religion? Isn’t religion supposed to be for the soul what art is for the soul through our senses? And if that is the case, why are the so called scientists so mad about religion?
Religion is not supposed to be exact, précis, technical. That is what science is supposed to be.
You don’t see artists and spiritualists asking congress to remove science from our schools because it is soulless, cold, dry and drab.
Do you?
I mean who sets the criteria that science should rule human life and behavior?
Who give those guys that power? I don’t remember anybody asking for my vote.

I know, I know, science is pure, untainted, science is exact, truthful and real, science is perfect and it will deliver us from our folly.
But I remember that once Galileo’s views were held as scientific absolute, truth, then Newton came along and the absolute scientific truth became Newtonian, until Einstein came along and then the absolute truth became relative.

The little secret of the scientific world is that they don’t know shit!
While they are reassuring you they are in total control, behind the scenes thousands of scientists are scrambling to figure out how the hell the things work. – See the CERN accelerator and the promise to figure out the truth.
So to me this so called scientific knowledge is not scientific at all after all. It is just human bull shit like everything else.
– Yeah, I know mine is bullshit as well, but at least I am honest about it!

The scary trend my friends, is that we are relying more and more on science and scientist to determine the faith of human race, but there are grave questions and doubts about science and scientific dogma.
Think about the ethical question DNA research poses. Think about how the modern psychiatry has shaped our social behavior.
Think about how technology has changed our society and way of life.
Can we afford to stay the course? Or do we need a major change of direction?

Before we let the genie out of the bottle, let’s stop and think for a while:
Who do you trust?
The artists, the spiritualists or the scientists.

PS: Please give me some good rebuttal. I’m aching for a debate!


Gabriel - Gadfly Revolution said...

I've always thought it interesting that in science, you cannot prove or disprove anything: you can only theorize based on the current evidence. We see this a lot in historical studies -- where a new discovery or excavation will completely rewrite what we think we know.

Who do I trust? Myself. Whether in art, spirituality, or science, I've found things that I do and don't connect with. Some things just strike me with a sense of, yeah, that's not right or this is what it's about. It's not really a definable thing. Call it intuition, a sixth sense, whatever.

It's about the way things resonate within my reality.

Aggie said...

Have a happy vacation - that will give us the time to think up a reply to your thoughts here.

Buddha said...

I am still here.
My vacation starts Saturday.
Thank you all for your wonderful comments.
And to all a happy new year!

Hermster said...

Who do I trust?
The artists, the spiritualists or the scientists? Yes

betty carbuncle said...

wishing you a happy holidays, I have to say that I stumbled this journal and at once loved it. Thank you.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

you should definately get hold of a copy of Roger McGough's poem "Science, Where Are You Now?" - i think you'd like it (sorry, couldn't find a link)

I agree that religion should be taught so that people can make up their own minds as to what they believe - but only taught by someone with a healthy degree of scepticism because total belief in anything tends to put blinkers on your sight!