Monday, November 17, 2008

Zen Tales - The Frog and the Scorpion

By the blue lagoon on the South of Hogtown there lived a young frog name Beth.
Beth was a teacher and she loved teaching and she loved kids more than anything else in the whole world and she hopped that one day she would get married and have a bunch of tadpoles of her own. The only problem was that of all the frogs she had kissed, none turned out to be the prince of her dreams. So she went back to her work and her quiet life until that faithful day when a young scorpion stopped by the lagoon for a drink of water.
He was a very handsome fellow, with his metal blue eyes and his square jaw and all those muscles bulging from every part of his body. But he had a very bad reputation. His venomous sting had left a score of dead and wounded hearts in the bayou and Beth knew all the horror stories. So the moment she saw him she leaped to the safety of her lily pad.
- Did I scared you? Asked the scorpion with a broad smile on his face.
- No, not at all. Said the little frog with bravado.
- Why should I be afraid of you?
- Well, - said the scorpion – I have done some terrible things in my life, and if you would look down upon me, I would totally understand. But now my wild and crazy bachelor days are gone. I found my calling working with children.
That was true too. Beth had heard of his work with the boy scouts and it was quite impressive. So they start taking about kids and about life and things and what do you know? He turned out to be a very intelligent, erudite, charming young fellow, nothing like the jerk she had heard he was. So he came back day after day, never making a pass, never saying or doing anything wrong. Of course Beth kept the distance and didn’t even dream of letting him on her pad.
Then the scorpion didn’t show up for several days.
Beth started worrying and started calling all her friends but nobody knew where he was. She almost lost all her hope when he showed up.
- Where have you been? I was so worried. She said
- I didn’t know you cared. He said with that killer smile on his face.
- Beside I left you a note on your lily pad.
She looked under the lily pad and there it was. A note explaining his departure. How embarrassing – and she thought all those bad things about him.
- Any way, - the scorpion said – I thought that we should celebrate, do something really special tonight. What do you say?
- Of course! Said the little frog hardly concealing her excitement.
- I always wanted to see the other shore of the lagoon. Since I can’t swim I thought you could carry me over there for a romantic dinner.
The little frog stepped back in horror.
- I know what you are thinking – Said the scorpion – but just think about it logically. If I sting you I would die by drowning.
That makes perfect sense. Thought the little frog and although her instincts told her no her mouth said:
- Ok! Hop on.
He jumped on her back and she took off as fast as she could.
It was a beautiful summer evening and in the fiery sunset the lagoon looked magical.
Beth slowed down. She could feel his body pressed against her and that electricity flowing melting them into one blissful union.
And then when all her doubts were gone and she was feeling confident and secure. Wham! He stung her. The poison rushing to her heart, she muttered her last words.
- How could you do this to me? How could you do this to us? We both are going to pay for this dearly. I thought you loved me. I thought you changed…
- Sorry babe! – he said – I am a scorpion, I can’t change. That is my nature.


Lydia said...

Ooh, how sad. You'd think that at this phase in my life I'd have been secure in the real ending of this tale. But, no, I was hoping that it would end differently. This is a great post because it put me in touch with the deep hope inside me.

Louise, Carmine Superiore said...

nice story - cynical, but nice.

Chrissy said...

Haha, so true. I write a post recently about relationships and friends, I wish I had read this at the time, I would have linked to it too.

Brad said...

You need to write more!

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

I've heard this parable before and it's very interesting.

It does rather go against our whole concept of justice - our justice system is based upon the concept that after you have served your time for your crime you are entitled to start afresh and seek redemtion...yet maybe the truth is that the scorpion will always sting??

Buddha said...

@ Lydia - I wrote a new post on human nature that explains a little bit more why we like to believe in happy endings.
@ Louise - I was going for realistic but cynical is nice too.
@ Chrissy - well maybe next time.
@ Brad - you too.
@ Pixie - the number of repeated offenders kinda proves my point. How many of them start fresh and redeem themselves? Would you date a violent convict just because he has served his term?

from zero to seo said...

Shocking story, but so natural. It makes me think about things I do sometimes.