Monday, November 24, 2008

The Mechanics of Love

When I met Emily she was working as a sales person, although she had a degree in journalism and dreamed of being a writer. She had taken this sales job, after graduating from college, as a temporary job, until she would get a “real” job, doing what she loved. Some how she got stuck paying her bills and never made it out of sales into the publishing world.
She was in her mid 30’s now. She lived by the ocean in a small, rented apartment that cost her a fortune and sucked up more than half of her salary. She drove an old, beat up Volvo station wagon and it looked like her life has going nowhere really slow.
What stroked me about her was how bright she was and how hard she worked for her meager salary.
Being the rude, crude, pushy individual that you all are suspecting under this Buddhist robe, I started pushing her to get a life or get control of her life or do something.
I don’t know if it was the prospect of financial independence and the freedom of pursuing her dreams, or if she did it just to stop me from my incessant nagging, but one day she quit her job and started her own business of selling medical supplies.
She was intelligent, articulate, honest, genuine, dedicated and she worked her but off 24/7.
To no ones surprise, after a couple of months she landed some major clients and the money started pouring in.
Gone were the days of coupon clipping and discount stores. She was making more money that she had ever dreamed.
So, the first thing she wanted to do with her new found wealth, was to get red of her old Volvo and get a new car.
- I am getting a Porsche! - She announced me with a big green on her face.
- Are you out of your mind? – I said – You don’t need a Porsche. A Porsche is for middle age males with size and erectile problems.
Get yourself a new Volvo if a new car is what you want.
- You are just an old fashion square, an Easter European male chauvinist pig. This is America where a woman can be and have anything she wants! When I was in college I wanted a Porsche but I couldn’t afford it. I promised myself that if I ever become successful I would get one, and that is what I’m going to do!
So she did. She bought herself a top of the line Porsche convertible, but there were some minor problems with this car.
First: This was 25 years ago, well before lap top computers and Power Point, when sales people carried around overhead projectors, presentation boards, product samples and other bulky visual aids.
Also a Porsche wouldn’t take out to lunch more than one client at the time and it had to be a slim and limber one, to get in and out of the car.
And last, but not least, this marvel of German engineering was a stick shift and Emily as talented and creative as she was, did not have any mechanical acumen. – I can still hear the grinding of gears and the squeal of the clutch burning up.
So, to no surprise, the Porsche ended up in a garage for repairs and continued to spend more time with the mechanic than with Emily. – Not to mention the 3-5 thousand dollars bills she had to pay each time.
Pretty soon Emily started missing her appointments and losing her accounts and a financial disaster loomed around the corner.
She needed a reliable car. Forced by the circumstances she got red of the Porsche and bought a brand new Volvo station wagon.
She was not very happy with her new car, in the beginning, but as her business started to pick up again, her affection for her new Volvo grew and eventually she fell in love with it.
I know that because she gave it a nick name and when girls nick name their cars, that means love.

So what the hell buying a car has to do with relationships? You may ask.
Well this is the deal: What do you choose in a relationship; the person that you want or the person that you need?
It looks to me that in USA everybody is looking for Mr. & Ms. Right. Right?
Like a guy I know – can’t mention his name – that got a trophy wife and found himself in a divorce court after a year or so.
What do you expect when you marry a $6000 pair of tits? A woman that cooks, does laundry and cleans after you? I think not.
Mr. & Ms. Right are nice to take out and show off to your jealous friends and relatives but that is about it.
If you dream of living on a ranch and having horses around, you don’t need a Porsche you need – dare I say it – a Pickup Truck!
Yes boys and girls we all want Angelina Jolly and Brad Pitt but would you last more than 24 hours? Yeah, sure, keep on dreaming!
If you really want a relationship that lasts. A relationship that is more than a fa├žade, somebody to be your friend, support and mate for the rest of your life you have to learn a new word “COMPATIBLE”
So forget about Mr. & Ms. Right and start looking around for something else:
Who is your Volvo?


Lydia said...

My "Volvo" appears to be this husband of mine, who, when we met thought my then-2-year-old Dodge Shadow with the stick shift was a great little car. "You bet it is," I said "and it's been all over Oregon and through Canada without ever a problem." When I told him I was never going to get rid of it he didn't think that was weird. I'm still driving that car and my husband and I have been married for 13 years. :)

Chrissy said...

I found all of this out the hard at last, I am with a man who is my best friend, he is kind and honorable (a lot like a Volvo really), sad I went for the sporty models first.. :-D

Jason The Bald Guy said...

Great post!

me an my volvo have been happy for 7 years.. just keeps getting better

Buddha said...

@ Lydia - My spouse is much younger than me and we’ve been married for 13 years. Coincidence?
I think not!

@ Chrissy - See you should come more often to my blog ;)

@ Jason - Yep! "Volvo" seems to be quite popular.

And a Happy holydays to all my friends and readers!

Robin Green said...

My "Volvo" is my husband as well. We are best friends and I could not ask for a better person.

flight risk said...

Some day I hope to find a Volvo .
Hell I cant even get my KEY into a Porsche and they are known for being fast .
May-be I should look for Moped ( fun to ride but you don't want your friends to see you on it )

forexwatch said...

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Laura Barat said...

I found my Volvo and I love him dearly! Beautiful post and you are a wonderful writer!

Bhing said...

For me, "mister right" is supposed to be the one who will be my best friend.. and not the other way around.. I have a boyfriend now for 3 years and so far the relationship is smooth sailing.. I guess it is because of the "compatibility" and the "friendship" that we are holding for long...

Good post! :)

The Clandestine Samurai said...

What's wrong with a Nissan Altima?

electra said...

i didn't know men are still looking to find 'A woman that cooks, does laundry and cleans after you'. thanks for enlightening me...

Buddha said...

@ robin - that is what counts.
@ flight risk - I never said a Porsche is not fun to ride - i did some test driving myself before I bought my car.
@ laura - thank you so much.
@ bhing - yes I totally agree. is the same idea different wording.
@ samurai - actually i have 2 nissans a maxima and a quest for my wife - don't get any funny ideas!
@ electra - yep. men don't look for no brain, big tits blonds any longer. you gonna die a virgin. but look at the bright side; at least you are enlightened.