Friday, October 10, 2008

To fear or not to fear.

Whenever I feel tempted by fear (like these last couple of days) I do my decomposing (or composting, if you prefer thinking in positive terms) meditation. I go to my Zen temple – Here in Hollyweird for some reason they call it “Public Park” I lay down under this ginormous tree (it is essential to feel the grass, and the earth pressing against your body) I look up at the sky and the leaves, and I drift away into this reverie. I close my eyes and see myself like on one of those national geographic videos where the time takes off at hyper speed. I grow older, and older, white beard, long hair, season after season changing, then I pass away. My hair falls off, leaves and ground cover up my corpse, bugs eat my flesh, bones crumble into pieces turning into the compost that's feeding this amazing tree. And I become branches and leaves and flowers. And I open my eyes and I scream at the top of my lungs: Fuck the fear! And the winos lift their brown bags and cheer “-All right, Buddha!” And we all laugh, and I go to pick up my kids from school.

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