Thursday, October 23, 2008

Row, row, row your boat…

Let’s imagine for a minute that you are in heaven.
Here you are singing praise to the lord day after day and doing all the other heavenly things you do in heaven - you can see my knowledge of heaven is pretty lousy – So after an eternity or two you begin to get bored. How much perfect everything can one soul stand?
So you go to God and say. Father this is getting pretty boring. You are God for God‘s sake can’t you come up with something fun to do?
So God comes up with this crazy idea.
Let’s open a water park. I’ll make a ride for you, I’ll call it life. I’ll make these tubies we’ll call them human bodies, you get on one of them and I’ll push you down this stream of water called time. To make it more interesting I’ll make some up and downs some unexpected turns, dark tunnels, whirlpools, the works. What do you say?
So you say hurray put me on. And here you are going down the stream, kicking and screaming and then you get to the bottom and say: Whew! That was fun! Let’s do it again.
OK. So let’s supposed that I am wrong, this life is not a water park ride.
This life is absolutely and completely serious business.
So here I am in my tubie – I have a body don’t I? And here you are in yours going down the river of time.
You can’t stop time from flowing, can you? No matter what you do, tomorrow the sun will rise. No matter what you do, you will go up and you will go down, - you’ve been doing it until now, right? Well it is going to be just the same from now on and at the end of the trip there is a 6 foot hole waiting for you.
So why are you kicking and screaming for? Slow down and sing with me:
Row, row, row, your boat, happy down the stream.
Merely, merely, merely. Life is but a dream!


Lydia said...

This was a whimsical and very comforting post. It's my last thing to read before going to bed and I'm sure I'll have happy dreams now.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

it seems the world of rock n roll has lied to me again - cos 10CC said life was a minestrone and Ronan Keating said it was a rollercoaster.

Now you tell me its a waterslide park - and i haven't even packed my trunks!

Someone once said that life was a sexually transmitted disease with 100% fatality, but i prefer to think that it's probably safest to assume that this is all we get and we should make the most of it whilst we can. Enjoy the ride, so to speak...

This Brazen Teacher said...

Have you ever read "Conversations with God" by Neil Donald Walsch?

If you haven't... do it. You'd like it I think.

Damien said...

Like, what good is a plastic rose that never fades? I've often had the same type of thoughts. What we have here is really special. What comes after is whatever it will be I suppose.

Mono, Viento, Terra said...

This was really great. Did you write it?
Thank you.

bradacus said...

This post got me thinking.
You are very profound. We shouldn't take ourselves that seriously.