Thursday, October 2, 2008


Back to Business. My favorite study subject, the workings of Wall Street and their lackeys, the Washington bureaucracy.
If you haven’t been scared out of your wits yet – see the Sept 28 blog - “the sky is falling” and the end of the world is upon us if we don’t act quickly – translation: Wall street has already decided it wants more hand outs and we are going to give it to them. They have now started “the pie in the sky” campaign – selling to you the idea that taking money out from your pocket and giving it to the banks is actually doing you a favor. Money – they say – will start flowing down the road like water. You want a new loan, no more problems! A new better, bigger house, no sweat! Cars, credit cards, student loans, a big fat pay check, they all are yours if you just stop bitching, pull your pants around your ankles and bend over. Keep on dreaming! The day they pass the bailout bill your credit problems will only get worse – see Sept 29 blog. The good news is that the stock market will take off up into the stratosphere – which will be sold to you as proof that the economy is fixed and their rescue plan has worked superbly - just in time for the elections – reassuring the public in the wisdom and foresight of our brilliant new leader. The bad news is that nothing has or will be fixed, this temporary band-aid will last till the beginning of ’09 and then the ugly head of fundamental economical problems we have, will rear its ugly head again. But don’t worry they already have thought of that. Yes sire! I forgot to mention the election of Obama as first American black president. Yuppie! What, you didn’t know he was elected, oh well about 4- 5years ago? Sorry I mean “made president” cause presidents are made not elected. Oh yah! Other wise how do you think they’ll raise you taxes – which BTW is how - they will explain to you – the economy will be fixed. The new American deal –we all go green – broken but environmentally friendly. And so we keep on going:
– From misery to misery, to the final victory!

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