Friday, October 10, 2008

Fat Chance!

I’m still browsing the blogosphere in search of intelligent life. So looking for some advice on health and fitness I stumbled upon this blog about loosing weight and dieting. It was so sad that I decided to write a post about it. Here it is:

Let me tell you a little dieting secret you’ll never hear on Oprah: Healthy, slim, normal people don’t diet! To listen to all the experts that have lost 300 pounds tell you how to lose weight is like taking advice from a crack addict on how to stop smoking! Overweight is not a problem. Overweight is a symptom, for God’s sake. The problem is your dysfunctional relationship you have with your food. To go on a diet is to replace your dysfunctional relationship with your food with an even more dysfunctional one! That’s why diets do not work. Dieting is not a normal way of living. Once again: Look at your normal friends. They do not diet! Why are they then not fat? Because they have a normal relationship with their food. Yes relationship. – Don’t give me that BS excuse: they have good genes. I used to be a therapist and I dealt a lot with overweight people. The problem is always the same. People use food as a crutch. Some people use it as a love substitute, lover substitute, self esteem substitute, sex substitute so on and so forth - those are the most common problems - but you’ll have to get professional help to figure out why do you over eat. Yes, it all starts in your mind. To change your eating habits you have to change the way you think and feel about food. Without that you’ll never lose weight. If a diet works 1 in a 1000 is by pure accident – like gaining back your self confidence once you see yourself slim in the mirror. But trust me if your relationship with food doesn’t change, same forces that have made you gain weight in the first place will put your weight back and then some. So before embarking yet on another diet, think about you chances you have to succeed.


The Power To Realise God Through Self-Enquiry said...

It's sad but partly true and of course partly false. :) Nothing can be globally applied. - Vish-Writer

Buddha said...

I wish you would have been more specific on which part is true and which is false. We start being ignorant the moment we stop learning and I am one of the people dedicated never to stop learning. So please share your knowledge.

Darmawan said...

In my opinion, we need to have faith that we'll succeed in order to achieve our goal and let that goal open the path/motivate us continuously... And it can also be applied in this diet situation..

Evan said...

Little but Interesting Addition!
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