Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Confessions of an X republican

I was a registered, loyal republican all of my life. I believed in small government and small government involvement, no income taxes, balanced spending budgets, strong defense and strong family values, heck I still believe in that. But I just realized something: My party does not believe in that anymore. They say they are but they don’t. They will tell you anything you want to hear. They will promise you anything to get your vote and then turn their backs on you. What did YOU get after 8 years of republican rule? How many of the promises made before the elections have they fulfilled? Do you think McCain will be any different? Do you think Obama will be any different? I don’t think so! I don’t think they will deliver even 50% of what they are promising right now. Heck if they would deliver even that, I would say it would be a miracle, but all you going to get is more excuses and more finger pointing as always. No real reform, no real progress, no real change. This year I grew tired of being used and abused. I left the party and now I am an independent. And no, I’m not asking you to do the same. I just want to say something: Republicans, democrats or independent makes no difference at the gas pump. We all get ripped off the same. We all get taxed the same and if you are in foreclosure right now it makes no damn difference the way you voted 4 years ago or the way you are going to vote this year. This voting thing is just a scam. It’s like putting new tires on an old junk car. It may look different but it would’t make the car run any better. I don’t believe it will make any difference who wins this election because the problem is not the president, the problem is the congress. You my get a new president but don’t forget you still have the same congress and that means one thing for sure. NOTHING WILL GET DONE. Bipartisanship, union and harmony? Come on, let’s be real! If you believe in that I've got a nice bridge to sell to you – it has an unbelievable view, you can see Russia from it ;) What we really need is term limits on congress and senate. They spend too much time in power and you know how it is – power corrupts. They are too cozy with the special interest groups and lobbyists, who have more saying in running this country than you do. I think without changing the way congress runs, it will be just business as usual in Washington. At least that is my opinion. If you have a different solution or opinion I’d like to hear it. And please don’t call me a traitor. I did not betray my party, my party betrayed me!


Lydia said...

My husband is a recovered Republican too. I was in lust with him before I even realized he was one of "them" but he's such a remarkably intelligent man that he soon corrected that one flaw. Only problem is that we simply cannot spend time around his folks. They are aliens.

This Brazen Teacher said...

Did you like Ron Paul? He expressed similar sentiments: that he's the only "true Republican" left. I thought he was fantastic. Cool post.

Buddha said...

R U kidding? I voted for Ron Paul, but here in Hollyweird is democratic country, so it was mostly symbolic.